Why Him

The question of the year.


I didn’t vote for a racist narcissist, I voted for a man who loves God just as much as I do and who truly wants the best for us.

I get asked “why him?” meaning in why did I vote for Donald Trump. Well, I didn’t. Sadly, I missed the election by a few weeks of my birthday and didn’t get the opportunity, but I still participated. Throughout this year, I have lost many friends because of what I believed and what I wanted in a president. I wasn’t always behind Trump though. My main support went to Ben Carson, then to Marco Rubio, then roughly Donald Trump. He was one of my least favorite options, other than Ted Cruz. I was very hesitant on supporting Trump at first because he was an angry carrot with a wig on his head. After everyone dropped out, I looked forward and it became party over person. All I knew is I didn’t want Hillary Clinton to become president. I didn’t support her beliefs and I absolutely despised her husband, Bill Clinton. I thought he should be banned from Earth and sent to Mars, honestly.

There was more in it than me just not liking a person. I don’t support abortions, free college (surprisingly), and I don’t think we should keep people here who are a danger to the entire country and potentially the world. There were a lot of lies and secrets that were very unappealing to me. The secret emails that had links to ISIS and trading illegal government secrets and documents. Also, we have never had this many rights as women. We have so much already and we all know complete equality will never exist, so why do we protest for something we know is near to impossible. I am not a feminist, but I do want equal rights myself. I just won’t protest for something that I think is unnecessary when we have so much already. Speaking of protest, the amount of violence from the Democratic Party is absolutely horrendous. There is never a reason that it’s appropriate for that amount of hate. Innocent people were dying because democrats were throwing a pity party.

Now, the real reason I was for Trump was because of God. No one ever saw Hillary Clinton pray to God or even thank him. It’s because she doesn’t believe in him. I wanted a president who truly loved God. In the pledge of allegiance, “one nation, under God” is supposed to mean something. People started to forget that we have always believed in God and we truly saw it as one nation, WITH God. “In God We Trust” is the official motto of the United States. So why vote for a president who didn’t believe so and actually wanted to get rid of God in this country.

There are some things that I want to clear up though. Police brutality is real. Racism is real. Good illegal immigrants are real. Just because I was for Trump, doesn’t mean I was close minded and forgot about real issues that people suffer with. I wrote a letter to the CSPD to thank them for their service. I dated a guy who was mixed races. I have friends who are illegal, but I love them. The one exception I had on abortion is rape. I wish free college or even cheaper college could exist and not screw up our finances in the US. I want to be seen as capable and not doubted because of who I am. I’m not a homophobe and I have LGBT+ friends. I still drink at Starbucks and I’ve been to Target multiple times. I watched Beauty and the Beast and it is my absolute favorite movie.

I voted for Donald Trump. I’m not a bad person, I’m a Godly person. I voted for someone like me. I voted for a Republican who loves God. ┬áHe isn’t perfect, at all. None of us are, though.


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