My best friend wrote this and I couldn’t be any more proud of her! It is worth the time to read ❤

Always Becoming, Rarely Being

Dear anxiety, you’ve been my life long bully, the monster under my bed, and sadly my constant companion. I used to hate you for what you did to me and the opportunities I missed or the relationship and friendships I lost because of you. I developed trust issues because of you, I couldn’t keep friends around long enough to tell them I suffer from anxiety because I never could trust them and would get jealous and lash out if I didn’t feel validated enough. I lost relationships because you had me in a constant state of worry that would escalate to panic, I couldn’t trust him because you told me I wasn’t strong enough. I sit here today and continue to struggle with you, I shake for no reason, I constantly look behind me because I think something bad is gonna happen, my heart races for you. You’ve taken my…

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