My Wish


I have none. I know, “everyone has a talent;” but it doesn’t mean much. Not a lot of people are amazing at singing, but everyone can sing (doesn’t mean it’ll sound good). It’s one of the few occurring personal prayers that I pray. I pray that I’ll be able to sing and sound like an angel. I pray that I can see myself how others see me, instead of a reflection. I also pray that my passions will turn into talent.I sit in my car and blast the radio because if I can’t hear myself, then I can sing as loud as I’d like without anyone else hearing me. I’ve been told I was not musically gifted; I already knew that. My passion for music is so strong but the talent that comes alone with it is very slim. Usually, people will compliment the things you’re good at. I get compliments on my makeup while others get compliments on their voice.

I don’t want to be limited to outer beauty. My entire life I learned that it doesn’t matter how you look on the outside, but what’s on the inside. A voice comes from within. I want the voice that makes people second guess if it’s real or a voice over. I want to be able to sing every song that I love without being embarrassed and ashamed of having a bad voice. I’ve tried instruments. I played piano for awhile but I quit early on because it didn’t fit me. I tried guitar for a few days but I couldn’t get into it. I even gave flute a chance but I tapped out real quickly. The point is, instruments aren’t for me.

I can act and dance but I just want to be able to sing.

Peoples lives get moved because someone can sing them a message that gets translated into something more powerful than a speech. It’s the poetic feel to music and how it’s expressed. There’s so much emotion behind each song but when you’re just saying it, you lose almost most of that.

I think about being able to sing. If I were to stand up on stage and start singing, what would peoples reactions say? Well, now, they would say yikes. I pray that they won’t be like that anymore.

I actually get jealous of people who can sing. They get compliments all the time and everyone just awes over their voices. Even if the message behind the song is terrible, they still get praised for even being talented. I want that. I want to be able to sing my stories. I want to write my own songs and just sing them the way I imagined them. I was listening to a few friends talk about how they wake up in the middle of the night from having a dream about a new song and they instantly record it so then when they wake up, they can just remake it but remember what they were doing. How cool would that be to just wake up and sing something and a few hours later, be completely transformed into art.



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