Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey?

JonBenet Ramsey. 1990-1996


I want to start a little “series” of unsolved cases and mysteries.

I do want to put out a disclaimer that this does have sensitive information and is in no way to disrespect the family or anyone in connection with the Ramsey family. I have multiple sites’ information. This is just to bring awareness to people with unfinished stories.

On December 26, 1996, at 5:52 am, Patsy Ramsey (age 39), made a call to the Boulder Police Department and reported her daughter, JonBenet Ramsey (age 6), missing. She reported that there was a note and her daughter was kidnapped. Her voice was very distressed during the phone call. It took 3 minutes for officers to get there at the Ramsey house. There was no sign of a break in or forced entry. Every piece of evidence was contaminated from the Ramsey’s inviting neighbors and friends over to try and gather a search team. JonBenet was discovered around 1:00 pm. JonBenet was found with duct tape over her mouth, nylon cord around her wrists and ankles, and a white blanket covering her torso. Her body was as stiff as a board, so that means she died earlier that morning or the previous day. The autopsy said that the way she died was strangulation and a fracture to the skull. There is no evidence of sexual assault and no chemicals in her system that could have killed her. (After further analysis, they discovered she was killed December 25th).

Those are just the basics, but the things that have thrown everyone off guard are more astonishing.

  1. There were NO footprints leading into the house since it snowed the day before. So either the killer was already in the house before JonBenet died, hid in the Ramsey’s car while they were out at a dinner party and crawled out when they were in the garage, or is either Patsy, John, or Burke (the oldest child).
  2. The ransom note was three pages long, NOT ONLY THIS, but pieces of Patsy Ramsey’s handwriting were found in it AND it had the exact amount of John Ramsey’s bonus in it, which only his boss and Patsy knew about other than himself. Also, the note was written in Patsy’s notebook and used her pin.
  3. There is an unidentified male’s DNA on JonBenet’s underwear that is still unidentified to this day.
  4. There was a broken paint brush that was used as a choker with string around it. Both of these were found in Patsy’s craft area. No one knows WHAT killed her, they just know how she died.
  5. After the police “searched the home” when they showed up at the Ramsey house, it took them almost 8 hours to find her body. John Ramsey AND his friend, Fleet White, found the body together.
  6. There were pieces of undigested pineapple in her stomach. I know that doesn’t seem important, but that means shortly after she ate, she was killed. This could mean the killer fed her before they killed her, which means they cared about her so it had to be someone close to them or someone who was obsessed with her, or it could mean that right when she finished her late night snack, she was immediately killed. Burke’s fingerprints were found on the bowl of pineapple, but this was later exonerated because of other pieces of evidence counteracting it.
  7. Fleet White, John Ramsey’s best friend, was never a suspect. Why though? Him and his wife wrote the Ramsey family exoneration letters and saying they are only witnesses and the Ramsey’s didn’t even suspect them once during the case.

Who do I think it is?

Fleet White.

Mr. White was John Ramsey’s closest friend. They both shared things with each other and their families were close too. JonBenet would have been comfortable around Mr.White because of how close were dad was. Anyone at the age of 6 usually trusts their parent’s friends because the parents “know what’s best.” The snow had no footprints leading to the house. The Ramsey family and the White family both celebrated Christmas together the night before JonBenet was murdered. The reason why the handwriting looked like Patsy’s could be because Mr.White started adapting by seeing her handwriting or it could be that she was secretly helping him cover everything up and telling him what to write. That could be why the ransom note was so back and forth of generosity and anger at the same time. The letter states “don’t underestimate us John.” meaning it’s a team. It could be Fleet and Priscilla did it together or Fleet and Patsy.

Sadly the case is still unsolved but there are a lot of theories on to who did it and how. I just pray that they are able to come up with a lead with all of the new technology coming out.

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