The Domino Effect

It means that a chain of related events occur in the same timeline. This is something I’ve experienced. All. Year. Long.

It started with a breakup. Something I’ve discussed before. Everything just went south and if felt as if I couldn’t fix it and neither could he. We tried but every attempt it failed so it was time to officially say goodbye. It was hard especially since I didn’t have many friends and I got in the routine of just being with him. I was comfortable with him.

This is when the Domino Effect took place. After the breakup, just a few weeks after, I went through something with my best friend at the time. She wasn’t doing okay and I was asked to be there for her while they talk to her, mainly for comfort and support. Things went south really fast that day and I left her house knowing we weren’t friends anymore. She said we were but I knew her so well that I knew exactly what was coming and that I had no control over it. This was harder than the breakup that I went through not too long ago. I knew guys come and go and that best friends were forever, but I lost hope in that saying. That’s when I hit my lowest point. I felt as if I needed to sleep for a few weeks and just recover at home. I wanted to quit my job and school and just stay home.

It took me awhile to recover from that. After that happened, I was getting text messages from different people. I have been around bullying but it’s different when it’s someone you once trusted with everything. I felt like I couldn’t escape. I would go to my counselor to talk and we had this agreement that I wasn’t allowed to leave the same or worse feeling than before I came in. It helped. These messages were getting out of control to where I blocked about 5 different people on every social media account and my contacts so I couldn’t receive them anymore. It still felt like they found a way to say something cruel. I couldn’t escape completely when I thought it was over. I did everything and after a month, it finally stopped. It was a long month though. It took a lot of time.

After all that happened, I didn’t think it could get any worse. I was making new friends and getting along with people I thought hated me. I felt good about my life. Then, I found out my closest friend did something that most people would find unforgivable. I still managed to forgive her, I mean, I am almost done with high school so why should I let it affect me for the rest of the few months left. It followed me. It was almost as if that brought on its own little “Domino Effect.” I’m not going to say any more just for privacy reasons because I don’t know who all reads this. It just was a very bumpy relationship.

After these four things happened, I found peace. It wasn’t easy though. I didn’t think I could actually turn my life around and feel better about things. It used to feel after anything good happened, that something bad followed. Now, it’s anything I might find negative, something great happens. This is when my positive lifestyle started to happen.

My friend, the same one who did the “indescribable”, ended up ditching me for prom. I was upset because all of my other friends were booked with plans and none of them had room for me. I didn’t want to go to prom alone, especially my senior prom. Things flipped and I ended up asking one of my friends, who doesn’t go to my school, to prom. Thankfully, he said yes. Honestly, I was shocked but very excited because I get to go with my friend but I’m not going alone. Prom was at the end of the week (the same week I asked him) and it was honestly so much better than going with my other friend. Definitely a highlight of 2017. The day following, I felt the need to change the place I wanted to go to college. I thought I would go to Colorado Mesa University, but I knew I wasn’t going to be happy if I wasn’t close to my family. We always talked about relocating anyways so I wasn’t too worried. It was just super last minute and I wasn’t super excited that there’s a possibility of leaving. After that happened, I got help from my counselor to see about relocating. We got everything turned in within 30 minutes and I never felt so relieved afterwards. I now have the opportunity to go back to my home state and study there!

The “Domino Effect” is still happening and  new things still pop up. Now it’s just all positive. I feel confident in my future for the first time this year. My childhood dream of going back to Texas is now a possibility. If you want be to be honest, I think God really helped me through everything. Things happen for a reason, and I think he wanted to show me how strong I am and how if I trust in him, he will always make it easier than it would be without him. He is my light in the dark and guides me through any and all obstacles that life throws at me. I would not have been able to get out of this as well as I did with him.


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