The Worst Day Ever

A story by Lauren Margaret

**You know when something bad happens, your brain turns protective and blocks all the memories so you won’t be in such pain thinking about what happened. If you drowned and it petrified you, it would be hard to remember the details because your brain doesn’t want you to suffer anymore. This is the same thing. You forgot what happened because your brain didn’t want you to suffer like you did on that day. Keep that in mind when people tell you their stories.**

The worst day ever is being alone, lost, afraid, and taken.

You are alone. Not physically, but emotionally. Everyone stands against you and you become the one man standing against a crowd of people who despise you.

You become lost because you don’t know what’s going on. You know where you are but you don’t know why this is happening and where are the people who will protect you.

You are afraid because things that can’t be described become a reality. The things you can’t even think about start entering your head and take over.

You’re being taken from your comfort place. Your mind becomes distraught with your biggest fears. All of a sudden, strangers take your life as if you were an object.

The person you once thought you trusted goes against you. You are grabbed and manipulated. You start becoming lost at your options to escape the place of hate. He shows you that every move you make against him is a closer move to the thing he holds in his pocket. You know if you were to show an obvious sign against him, he would show that he is in control. You beat yourself up when you go into hiding because you weren’t strong enough to face against him. You weren’t strong enough to show that you could fight back. So does everyone else. They tell you “it’s your fault” and “you could’ve prevented it” but there was no way since you knew what was in his pocket. You lose confidence in yourself. You become scared that if anything escalated farther than before, you wouldn’t be able to protect yourself.

This, is the worst day ever. This day, your boundaries were crossed by a stranger to you but family to others. You were taken advantage of and shown that you weren’t worth anything. You, are worth nothing; at least that’s what it felt like. Your body was used and your conscience was screaming “run” while you knew, so well, if you were to say a word, you were a goner. The banging on the door that you heard doesn’t leave your head. The touch on your arm that was more of a grab remains there. You can’t stop feeling it. The way your heart skipped when you saw the gun on his belt still scares you to this day. What you saw, what you felt, never escapes your mind. You can still remember the entire day and the way he looked at you from the other side of the glass window makes you nauseous just thinking about it. This, is the worst day. This day, your biggest fear, became a reality.





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