Lost in Your Dreams

Dreaming isn’t just going to bed and seeing things, it’s experiencing a whole new world. You get to run away from the things that haunt you during the day and live a different life. For me, dreaming is so much more. There are good dreams and bad dreams, you can control them and sometimes you can’t. Maybe it’s a message from God, maybe it’s your subconscious trying to make you happy. We all have that one dream that makes you think all day. You can’t stop reliving it in your head because what happened just caught your attention so much that you just never want it to end. There are the dreams that are scary and intense but so realistic and thrilling that you swear it would be good in a movie.

I’ve had this dream.

I was out with my friends and we were having a girls night. We got all dressed up to go to dinner and then back to the house for movies and dessert. On our way to the restaurant, we were walking through downtown and there were these beautiful lights hung up everywhere and a picture wouldn’t have been able to do justice. We are about to turn into the block with the place. Then, there’s a sign, “Use Side Door,” so we went back to where the arrow was pointing. All of a sudden, I got hit in the back of the head and there was just black. I wake up in someone’s arms. He was wearing one of those doctor masks like you would see sick people in the hospital wear or your dentist. He was in scrubs and we were walking down this very clean, white hallway with windows at the top. My vision was blurry but I could see that there were rooms up there and people looking down at me. He makes a left turn into this small, glass room where there were about 5 of the same rooms in a row. I was in the first one. He laid me in this metal bed with a thin mattress and a sheet on top. There was a rocking chair and a toilet with a sink. They had people monitoring us and the reason I say “they” is because I knew if only one man were doing this by himself, he wouldn’t have gotten away with it. I look to my left and there’s this glass wall separating me and my friend. Then the line kept going on of glass walls. I could see all the way down to the 5th one. I didn’t know who was in the last one since there were only 4 of us girls going out that night. I tried waking up my friend because she was still out like when “they” took us. Nothing worked. I think the rooms are soundproof. I see these two “doctors” walking down the hall, from the right side, where I am, all the way to the left side. The 5th room down. I was awake enough to where I could move my eyes to see what was going on, but I couldn’t really move my body. They had these two shots filled with a red fluid and the other filled with a green fluid. The girl in the 5th room couldn’t even move and she wasn’t responsive to anything. She almost looked dead. They injected the green fluid in her and then they laid her in the bed. I looked up to see all of the people watching and they were just taking notes and watching like they were numb to the fact that they took us and are doing experiments on us. They had no sympathy to our health. They left her room and started walking down the line, skipping the 4th room where Paige was in. They entered the 3rd room, that was the room Natalie was in. She was responsive to them but it was obvious she was fighting everything she was feeling. They injected her with the red serum and left the room. They moved down to Lidia, she was in the second room, the one right next to me. I tried to get up and run to the glass, screaming and banging on the wall so they would hurt me instead of her. I didn’t want them to do anything to her. Except I couldn’t. My bones felt like jello and I couldn’t even lift my head off of my bed. They tried to see if she was responsive to anything but she just stayed laying in the metal bed. You could see the pain in her eyes as she turned her head to look at me. I could feel a cold tear run down my face as I prayed that they don’t do anything to her. They left the room without harming her. They come into mine and my heart starts racing. What were they going to do to me? Why did they take us? What do they want from me? I felt as if I couldn’t breathe, I was scared for my life. They tried to lift me off the bed so I could sit up. It felt like 500 pounds weighing down on my shoulders. They grab my jaw forcefully when they finally got me upright and made me open my mouth as they shoved a pill down my throat. Then they quickly followed it with a cold glass of water. I had no clue what the pill was or if the glass was even filled with water, but I was more scared of the fact if I didn’t obey on what they wanted me to do. I laid back down and just tried to breathe normally because I was terrified. I have been kidnapped with my best friends and I have no idea where we are or what we are here for. Time goes by and we all start getting feeling in our muscles again and have more control over our motions. I looked over at Natalie and I could tell that she was trying to move but nothing really happened. She was in agony because she was almost paralyzed and had no function and control over her body. A few people walk past the long hall, examining us through the glass. No one looked familiar but they were staring at us as if we were science experiments and that something insane was supposed to happen. They were all so intrigued by us but I had no idea why. I couldn’t talk to anyone because the rooms were soundproof and the only thing I could do was think. All of a sudden, a very familiar face walks down the hall, left to right, carefully watching us. I knew I recognized this man, but I couldn’t seem to remember where from. Right when he got to my stall, he looked shocked! Almost like he knew me and tried to figure out why I was here. He quickly walked away before anyone could see his reaction. I walked around the room since I finally got feeling in my body and so did the other girls. I tried finding something as a weapon or anything sharp that I could use so the next time they came into my room, I could escape. I signaled to Lidia to do the same and she passed it down. We’ve tried opening the doors, breaking the glass, finding a vent, anything. Nothing seemed to work. There was this pipe in the toilet lid that I found and I showed the other girls so they could find it too. It was hard enough to where it would hurt, but not sharp enough to break the skin. The guy I recognized walked through the hall, holding 5 small boxes, going from one room to the other passing them out. He gets to my room and hands me the box. I opened it and there was food and metal utensils. He hands me a note discretely so none of the people above would see. He leaves my room without saying anything. I grab the knife and quickly hid it under my mattress. I look back at the box and grab the letter. It reads, “Lauren, my name is Ethan, we went to high school together. You’re in a lab in the middle of Black Forest. I don’t have time to explain. Take the knife and when they come into your room, run. I will be waiting at the end of the hall on the left side. Don’t worry about your friends.” I couldn’t just leave them behind. I had so many questions but no one to ask them to. The two men who were here awhile ago were checking in on us. I had no idea what time it was or if it was the same day as when they took us. They came into my room first. I was hesitant to grab the knife under my bed. All I could do was hide in the corner of my bed out of fear and weakness. They walk towards me and I slid my hand under the mattress and pulled out the knife and scratched the guy’s hand who was reaching out to me. I got up and ran as he screamed in frustration. I ran to the end of the hall and there he was, waiting for me. He went to the top of the lookout and unlocked all of the doors automatically. They all ran out, except Natalie. She was in so much pain and I had to help her. She’s one of my best friends. I run back, grabbed her, and helped her run out as the two men were trying to get to the upstairs rooms to stop us from getting out the main door. We run out and there’s this dirty green room with a bunch of lasers and sharp objects setup like a trap. I throw the note that I kept in my pocket into the row of lasers to see what they did and it set on fire and got vaporized into thin air. Ethan told us that there’s a truck waiting outside the walls to take us to the hospital. The girl in the 5th room went first, she made it half way then one of the blades cut her leg and she couldn’t walk from pain. She went to the side of the wall hoping one of us would make it past to help her. Paige goes next, she gets across to help the other girl and they make it out the door and hop in the trunk. We were rushing for time because I knew those two guys were coming for us. Lidia went next and one of the lasers zapped her shoulder but luckily her shirt was covering is so she was only left with a burn. I go next, carrying Natalie across and trying to be careful. I was still weak myself but I had to get her out of here alive. We get past everything and all of a sudden, I could hear rushing footsteps at the end of the hall. Ethan screams at me to get out of here and so we jumped out the door since there was a platform between outside and the hall. I helped Natalie get to the van and ran back for Ethan, crying in agony from all of the adrenaline. He runs out and ends up injecting one of the men with the red serum-filled needle and ran out. We all hop into the truck and he drives us to the hospital. There was the clock on the dashboard with the date and time. We were stuck in the hall for 3 days. The girl in the 5th room ended up dying that night. What they injected her in the first day was a slow killing serum. There was no vaccine for it to stop the process. Natalie was injected with a temporary paralyzing serum. We found out their motives were to paralyze us and experiment with our brains and thought systems to see if they could find a way to control peoples minds and thoughts. The government was not in on the project. The small society of people who were are known as the “Alternates.” The people who took us, known as “they”, were the same men who injected some of us. The pill I was forced to swallow was a prototype to try and erase people’s memory from the past 24 hours. That’s why my thought of time was off. That was the end. There were no news story covers, no publicity. We were forced to stay quiet of what happened. We were granted amnesty for having to keep this a secret. They also monitored us for our protection to make sure there wasn’t anything bigger going on. That was it. It was almost as if everything was supposed to be fine. Then, I woke up.


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