Makeup Tips and Tricks+Review!

My favorite thing about the morning is getting to put on my makeup and try out different looks! Honestly, it’s an obsession. You get a fresh start every morning and get to go through Instagram picking out your favorites. I have an INSANE amount of makeup and yes, it’s an obsession. No, I don’t regret spending hundreds of dollars on it.

I have been getting a lot of questions about what foundation I use and how I do my eyes but I have quite a few makeup tips and tricks to get you feeling fabulous and a little secret to buying products.

For my face, I like to start off with the Me Makeover Essentials Mineral Primer (it’s my favorite so far) then just gently rub that all over your skin. Don’t forget your nose! That’s where most people have trouble with. Then, I go in with L’Oréal Infallible Pro Matte foundation in the shade Shell Beige (#102) and rub that all over with my Real Techniques Beauty Sponge (HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND) then dab that all over after rubbing it. With this foundation, be aware that it sets fast. I do mine in sections as in one cheek at a time then rub it all over and dab with the sponge so you still get that flawless finish. After foundation, I use the the Maybeline Fit Me Concealer in the shade Light. I apply it under my eyes in a triangle, on my eyelids, my chin, Cupid’s bow, tip of my nose, bridge of my nose, then use the leftover on my nose to blend into my forehead. I blend all of it together with my beauty sponge. After that, I usually use the Physicians Formula Setting Powder unless I’m broke and ran out, then I use the Elf Loose Powder in Shear. Once that is all blended together and set, I start on my contour. For this, I use the Anastasia Contour Pallet (NOT the cream one) and use the middle shade for my cheekbones, under my jawline, the sides of my nose, and my temples and blend blend blend away with the same brush I used it with. I usually just use an Elf Contour brush for this part because it’s fluffy so the line isn’t harsh but still applies the product how I like. Then, I use the far left shade and middle shade for wherever I put the concealer, just to give it a little more contrast than before. After that’s all done, I do my brows. This, is the tricky part. Don’t worry, I will be putting up a video on a better look on how I do my makeup so this makes more sense. I use the Anastasia Brow Pomade in Soft Brown and fill in my eyebrows.

Thats usually it for my face routine. Sometimes I do blush and sometimes I do bronzer, just depends on how much time I have.

For my eyes, I like to use my Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Pallet and my giant Tarte Pallet. I will also be putting up a video for this because it won’t make sense if I don’t.

My tips and tricks for buying makeup is review them first.

Tip #1: Find your favorite everyday looks and find the common pallet they usually use. You can even ask your friends what makeup they use because who knows, maybe they are a makeup wiz.

Tip #2: DUPES ARE YOUR FRIENDS! Who cares if they aren’t name brand, find what works best for you and your budget. If you really want to try the real thing after the dupe, then go for it. Treat yo self. Just before buying the name brand, try the dupe because maybe the shades don’t look the way you want or maybe it’s just easier to play with it before spending $50 or more for 6 shades.

Tip #3: if you don’t like the way the shadow blends or applies, change your brushes. Spend the money to get good brushes because they can make all of the difference, I promise. Also, read reviews on them. Make sure they are what you want and don’t be afraid to spend money on them. It’s so worth it.

Lastly, Tip #4: The workers are your best friends. Ask them questions! They would know best because they try out the products all the time. Ask for their honest opinions and be upfront with them. If you want to spend a lot of money or if you don’t. They will help you out with whatever you need!

Be confident in how you look. Remember, makeup is to enhance your features, not cover them up. I’m not saying don’t slay away the day with some glitter, I’m saying have fun but don’t hide your beauty.


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