Self Worth

Every single day you live hating yourself, you lose a day of loving yourself. I know, “wow Lauren you really did point out the obvious right there” yeah, yeah, whatever. Listen, life gets hard and you aren’t always going to be happy and smiley, but if you ponder about how life sucks and how you aren’t satisfied with yourself, then you’re just going to end up drowning in sadness and self pity. I know life gets tough and you just truly think you’re a failure in society and no one wants to be in your life because you’re just going to screw everything up, just hear me out, it’s not true. How will you be able to experience the good in life without knowing the bad? It has to even out so you know and you can distinctly say if you’re having a good day or not. Doesn’t mean to make your life purposely bad, just try to let things happen. Let go a little bit and see what the world has to offer. Stop getting so caught up in something you can’t control. You will be miserable if you try and make everything perfect because you’ll realize, nothing’s perfect. Not even the most beautiful and pure flower is perfect. So don’t expect yourself to be flawless. Things are going to happen in life but you can’t control it, but you can control your reaction. I’m sorry life gets rough and you don’t feel good enough to live but I promise you, if I can turn myself and value life the way I should, then you can too. It doesn’t take much. Just you to focus on yourself and to be calm. Grab a blanket and make yourself a cup of coffee and stare out the window and see how beautiful the world is. Just relax. You will begin to notice nothing’s perfect. If nature itself isn’t perfect, stop expecting yourself to be too. Be who you want to be. Be who God wants you to be. You’ll be surprised when you look back 10 months from now how much you’ve changed.

I’m not saying you have to only look to the good, just let go a little bit and relax. You don’t have to expect so much out of yourself.


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