“Are You Okay?”

Nobody actually cares. I scroll through my contacts looking for someone to say something that will magically make me feel better about life but then I realize there’s no one that truly cares. You have your best friend, fake friends, and people you text for an answer on the math homework. Sometimes you have to grow up and fix things yourself. You have to heal on your own and no one will help you. I thought it would be weight off my shoulders but it’s not. It’s just me hitting rock bottom a few times and trying to swim to the top alone. No one can be your hero but yourself.

Pretending to care is a trend now. People ask if they see me down, “are you okay?” but I know your little secret that you don’t mean it. You don’t really care, you just want me to think you care so I’ll open up and you get your “drama high” fixed for the day, then you tell all your friends what I just told you but ten times worse. I know your little trick. Sometimes you just gotta fake it till you make it so people will try and stop getting to know every single detail about your drama and will leave you alone. It sucks, yeah, but I’d rather only have my closest friends know about what’s going on than the whole school, in my opinion.



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