People are toxic; poisonous. Not all of them, but it definitely feels like a lot of them. I’ve had my fair share of losing people in my life. I never really accounted for the change that happened after I lost someone. My best friend in 8th grade was toxic for me. I care about her and we were so close, but I never really realized how different people have an impact on me. I was “depressed” because I had no one. I put “depressed” in quotes because when you’re in 8th grade, it’s almost not real. I get some cases it can be but looking back, I wasn’t alone. I had my family and God with my right by my side, even though sometimes it didn’t feel that way.

You might not even be friends with someone because you know how terrible they are for you or how badly they treat you. I tried being friends with all these paper thin people; meaning they didn’t have depth to their personalities. Some people fake it just to get under your skin and use things against you after hurting you. It’s why I don’t trust easily and it’s why a lot of people don’t because we aren’t desperate idiots who seek attention from anyone and know what kind of people are actually beneficial in our lives.

There are these people in the world who are so full of themselves that they have nothing better to do than to try and break you down and hurt you. Everyone comes across it. There will always be conflict because there is always something wrong with the other person. I’m two faced, selfish, conceded, ungrateful, disgusting, ugly, fat, overweight, vowel, fake, and the list keeps going but yet I’ve remained my humanity and my morals to know that it only takes one person to hurt someone and I don’t have to do it back. People are mean and vicious and only ever want to see the worst in you because it gives them fuel to keep doing it and once your finally broke, then they get their reward of self pride for accomplishing pain on others.

They are toxic. Stay away from those people because their only purpose in life is to bring you down lower than you already feel. They won’t attack until they know you are at a low point so it’s easier to drag you to the bottom and finish you off. Don’t listen to them. This isn’t the fight where the bad guys win but the one who fights the strongest and won’t let a scratch beat them to their core and give up. You will not give up because this happens everyday and it won’t stop happening unless you show them that you’re stronger than they are and that you know how to keep yourself up and motivated.

If you ever feel as if giving up, go to someone. It would surprise you how many people care. If you feel as if no one does, contact me. I will always be here with open arms. Never give up, because if you do, you will never know what it feels like to accomplish this.


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