My Best Friend *Brag Post*

My best friend is perfect. I know what you’re thinking; nobody’s perfect; with one exception of my best friend.

Yeah she has flaws and little tweaks about her that some people hate but she’s the greatest best friend a girl could have. For my 18th birthday, I didn’t have anything planned whatsoever and I really didn’t care what would happen that day. Well this girl saved up her money to buy us a hotel room up in Denver, buy me a really nice dinner, and take me shopping. She planned it all by herself and payed for everything and made me feel like a queen! We’ve been through so much together and I am so lucky to have her in my life. Even her family is amazing. Her sister, Lex, has been like another older sister for me and occasionally got mad at me but that’s what sisters do and I am so thankful she did. I have also taken some of her makeup looks as an inspiration because she’s flawless. Her mom makes me feel so much better if I have boy issues and always knows what to say to cheer me up. Her little brother, Kev, is almost like my little brother. He pisses me off but that kid is one of the funniest kids I’ve met, even without him trying.

Going back to Lid, she is my sister. I was there to take her to the doctors when she felt sick, visited her everyday till she got home, stayed the night to make sure her mom could still go to work and provide for her family, and made sure she could take her makeup off without getting up. It’s the little things in life like that. She’s been more than a best friend to me. If we are in public and some super creepy guy is making faces at us and trying to flirt with us, she holds my hand so he thinks we are together and leaves as I hold my keys as a shank, just in case. I know this is insanely long but there is just so much to brag about.

I would honestly be someone completely different without her. She has built me up when I felt as if I were breaking down. I highly recommend getting yourself one amazing best friend; someone who you can trust with your life.

Just not mine, I don’t wanna share.


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