Moving On After A Breakup

Breaking up with someone will always hurt. If it’s 5 weeks, 5 months, 5 years; it will never be fun to go through. You have ups and downs; good days and bad days. That’s just how it is but for the most part, you choose how you feel.

Live each and everyday as it’s own. Wake up and be the very best you that you could possibly be. Once the day is over, go to sleep. Wake up and do the same. Nothing is promised to us, not even waking up. That’s why it’s important to live each day your very best because who knows how tomorrow is going to turn out? I never really took into consideration how this could affect my life but you’d be surprised.

There are people who will listen to you and how you feel. They might just not respond the way you need them to. It’s how I felt for awhile. I knew people would listen to me talk but they wouldn’t actually care about what I had to say. There were 2 people I talked to during this period of my life and I am so beyond thankful for having them in my life.

One of them, my coach, told me that what feels like an ending, is a new beginning. Meaning, this might hurt and that this part of your life just ended and all these opportunities closed up but it didn’t. In reality, all these amazing things will start to happen. When me and Justin broke up, I was sad, of course. I didn’t really know what to do and I still didn’t know where I was going to be in 6 months from now and I thought I would just be with him and that was kind of it. Instead of pondering on that, I applied to colleges, signed up to retake my ACT, got excited for school, and started this blog. Yeah I still have bad days but then I realize, I need to live each and every day as my best. I never know who will be in my life one day and out the next so appreciate everything around you and really take in the scenery. It could change your life to think like this.


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